“My view is simple. The reason we would change a manager is to see an improvement, therefore if I deem someone to be an improvement on Arsene Wenger (Allegri/Simeone), then in that context I would be Wenger Out, but if I viewed someone to be a less talented manager than Arsene, (Neville/Moyes), then I am Wenger In.”

Arsenal season ticket holder Moh Haider has arguments both for and against the “Wenger Out” protesters. The passionate fan who often appears on Arsenal Fan TV admitted that he would like to see change, if a manager who is better than Wenger was to come in but fears Arsenal could appoint a lower profile manager to replace the Frenchman.

But Haider is strongly against the club dismissing Wenger before the end of the season as he feels they wouldn’t be able to get a reasonable replacement in before the summer.

“I don’t think it would serve any positive purpose to get rid of him now and we would simply not be able to get his replacement in prior to the summer in any case.”

The supporter who follows his beloved Arsenal home and away all season, was full of praise for current Juventus manager Allegri who he would love to see replace Wenger when he leaves Arsenal.

“I have to go for Allegri. Simple reason, he’s on the verge of THREE DOUBLES IN A ROW in Italy! I don’t care what league you’re in, that is a superb achievement. The guy is also a real tough manager, just look at his recent treatment of Bonucci after they had an argument recently. He plays decent football too and I’m sure the Italian would significantly improve our defence. That is ultimately what Italian managers tend to do first. Success follows from that.”

However, Haider admitted that he wouldn’t like to see Wenger be forced out by protests outside The Emirates but he respects the fans that are willing to do something about the club if they feel strongly enough about it.

“Though I personally would like to see Arsene not be forced out in this manner, if people believe strongly enough about something, I respect the fact that they are willing to take time out to do something about it.

Fair play to the protesters as long as they keep it respectful and don’t let it get abusive or silly.”

Haider fears for the future of the clubs best players, such as Alexis Sanchez who has been in formidable form this season and Haider admits that the players have to take some responsibility for the recent poor form.

“The players have had an unbelievably easy ride compared to the manager. Also, if I were Alexis, I would be off straight away this summer. He is head and shoulders above any other player at our club, but in terms of talent and mentality.”

But Haider launched a scathing attack on the Arsenal hierarchy and labelled it a joke and questioned the board members’ knowledge on how to run a successful football club.

“Our board setup is quite frankly a joke. I have very little faith in the boards cumulative football knowledge and ability to run a ‘truly successful’ football club. The fact that the owners nephew sits on our board makes a mockery of our setup in my opinion.”

Haider, like the majority of fans aim most of the blame with the current Arsenal board situation at Stan Kroenke who they feel hasn’t contributed anything to the football club since he bought shares.

“I guess if we want to apportion blame, then it may have to go to those individuals who sold shares to Kroenke! Dein, Bracewell Smith, Fiszman etc, but the current board all have to take a share of blame for the clear lack of ambition currently affecting the club.

The criticism of the board, players and ultimately Arsene Wenger, will be put on hold for at least a week as the international break is upon us but there will be a considerable amount of pressure on Wenger and the players to deliver a positive result against Manchester City at The Emirates on Sunday 2nd April.