“I think we are still judged based on our appearances rather than our abilities.

But in saying that, we have come a long way over the years. Coverage of women’s sports is at an all time high and I believe it will continue to grow!”

Those are the word’s of Sage Watson, who is hoping women’s athletics can continue to grow for reasons on the track, and not based on their appearances.

After her debut appearance at the Rio Olympic Games, Canadian athlete Watson is looking to build on a successful start to her professional athletics career despite the lack of media coverage towards women’s athletics.

Watson, 22, is currently in her final year at Arizona university after being a full time student athlete and will be graduating this month and will be switching her attentions to her career as a full time professional athlete.

Her main event is the 400m hurdles and the 4×4 relay, in which she competed in both events in the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. Watson was full of praise for her mother, who got her into athletics in the first place.

I started running because of my mom and I just had a passion for it at a very young age. I always loved to race when I was younger and although I lost a lot of races along the way, my passion for the sport of track and field kept me going.

Watson admitted that her role models throughout her life have always been her parents Wade Watson and Jolene Watson.

My role models are my parents. They are the ones who told me I could accomplish my dreams and they believed in me every step of the way.

She is coached by Fred Harvey, who is the head coach for the University of Arizona, and Harvey has worked with a number of collegiate and professional athletes throughout his career so far.

And Watson has set her aims for the athletics season at a very high level.

“This year I want to win the PAC 12 Championships, win the NCAA Championships, and break the Canadian 400m hurdles record.”

The 400m hurdler praised the athletics federation in Canada for supporting and helping develop athletes to the highest level possible.

“I think that track and field is getting noticed more and more throughout the world. There is still plenty of room for track to grow in North America and I feel that Canada is doing an excellent job in supporting its current and future Olympians in the sport.”

Sage has some very valuable words for any young athlete that is wanting to follow in her footsteps in representing their country on the highest stage possible at the Olympics.

“My best advice is to believe in yourself, set goals, dream big and don’t let anyone discourage your dreams or goals.”

Watson will be looking for a positive result at the PAC 12 Championships which are on the 13th and 14th May in Oregon.

You can follow Sage’s progress in her athletics career here!- (SageWats)